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Jacob R. Nelson

My name is Jake, you can find me on twitter here. Valuist chronicles my lifelong endeavor to seek out the middle ground, the value, wherever I can.


“The golden mean [exists] between two vices, the one of excess and the other of deficiency.”

So too does value appear between the extremes. At Valuist I explore how to uncover value in investing, shopping, travel etc. I also write on money making and saving techniques, tax tips and financial life lessons.

I live with my wife in beautiful Louisville, Colorado… Or is that, I live with my beautiful wife in Louisville, Colorado?

In anycase, I’m a tax consultant (Enrolled Agent) representing hundreds of clients with tax debt to resolve their financial issues. I have also been employed as a website developer, marketer, piano teacher, corporate blogger, tea-packer, paperboy and grocery bagger. If you have any questions, comments or professional inquiries, please drop me a line: Here

I designed a personal website a few years ago that remains home to some of my favorite projects, photography and some (old) designs.

Personal Portfolio Website: