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Should I Care? (Flowchart)

Sometimes I wonder If I care too much. I don’t mean whether I love, empathize or give enough to charity; rather, do I devote too much mental energy to trivial issues? Through my efforts to control the unknowns in my life, I over prepare, evaluate, reevaluate and second guess myself endlessly. But because the result is usually positive, I thought

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asset allocation basket

The Best Free Asset Allocation Spreadsheet

If you enjoyed: The Best Free Investment Tracking Spreadsheet, you’re going to love this asset allocation spreadsheet add-on! This spreadsheet utilizes information from Valuist’s investment tracker (and/or new entries) to provide a complete overview of your asset allocation. Asset allocation (in short) is how and where your funds are invested. Typically, new investors determine asset allocation by

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The Best Free Investment Tracking Spreadsheet

Investing towards a typical American retirement is as complex as you make it. For many the idea of buying, holding and re-balancing index funds is a daunting prospect. There is certainly no shame in meeting with a  financial planner, so long as you understand their fees. For others however, tracking and fine tuning their retirement portfolio is necessary. Having a good investment tracking spreadsheet can help […]

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