Controversial Finance Rules to Follow

5 Controversial Personal Finance Rules That I Live By

Paying off a 30 year home mortgage must feel incredibly liberating. Decades of effort have finally paid off leaving you with a huge increase in cash-flow and sense of accomplishment. And that’s certainly true, especially if you don’t take another loan, but that doesn’t mean you should be paying off your house faster than the amortization schedule. Especially in this low interest environment, paying off your home faster than normal actually loses you money. How? Through opportunity loss, when you use your extra savings to pay down a low-interest mortgage your are losing the chance to earn a much higher risk-adjusted return (7-10% without much work) in the stock market.

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stock investing versus real estate

Real Estate Versus Stocks: The Ultimate Investment Showdown

It’s definitely best to have exposure to both asset classes in some form, but if I had to choose one, I would go with stocks (mutual funds). To me, there’s nothing better than an investment you can buy quickly, pay little-to-nothing to hold and sell at the exact moment you choose. The fact that you can buy confidently during market crashes, bide your time and reap the rewards, usually within a few years, is also highly attractive to me.

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What Your Real Estate Team Should Be Doing for You When You’re Buying or Selling a House

The best real estate teams are comprised of an experienced buyer’s agent, an organized lender or mortgage broker and you, the motivated buyer. This power-triad sets the table for the quickest and easiest real estate acquisitions. In a seller’s market, if your real estate agent can’t get ahold of the lender, you will lose properties to faster buyers. In fact, a well coordinated buyer/lender team will be in daily contact until you get an offer accepted. They know that a concerted effort for a short amount of time is more profitable than a lackadaisical approach that could stall the buying process for months.

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pros and cons of paying down your home loan fast

The Pros and Cons of Rapidly Paying Down Your Mortgage

The idea that typical American home owner should pay down mortgage debt rapidly is nothing new. The sentiment certainly makes sense at face value; by eliminating your mortgage payment you free up a huge chunk of cash. You also no longer have to pay the bank interest, which must feel incredibly liberating. However, there are also significant problems with strategies that prioritize rapidly paying down your mortgage, namely “opportunity loss,” which complicate the issue.

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