The 5 Best Ways To Make Money While You Sleep

One of the best things you can do to build future wealth is to develop multiple income streams now. Mostly, ones that require more time than money to create. Most profitable passive income sources demand a lot of your time, however, starting just one revenue stream today could prove highly profitable down the road. I started Valuist without much of a plan or even a consistent publication schedule. But after writing for a while, opportunities to make money starting presenting themselves, mostly in the form of well-paid collaborations and consulting. After monetizing Valuist woefully late in the game I am now realizing how important it is to just get started, and I’m excited to explore more of these passive income streams myself.

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stock investing versus real estate

Real Estate Versus Stocks: The Ultimate Investment Showdown

It’s definitely best to have exposure to both asset classes in some form, but if I had to choose one, I would go with stocks (mutual funds). To me, there’s nothing better than an investment you can buy quickly, pay little-to-nothing to hold and sell at the exact moment you choose. The fact that you can buy confidently during market crashes, bide your time and reap the rewards, usually within a few years, is also highly attractive to me.

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15 myths about going green and sustainable living debunked

15 Myths About Recycling, “Going Green”, and Sustainable Living, Debunked

there is a lot of misinformation out there about sustainable living and “going green.” Many of the efforts that people take to mitigate their environmental impact, though noble in sentiment, are actually fueling the overuse of energy and waste of resources. There may be hope though; there are steps we can take to reduce waste and because sustainable living is actually highly cost-effective, we can hopefully pad our pockets while accomplishing something worthwhile.

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5 Money Myths You Should Stop Believing

5 Money Myths You Should Stop Believing – The tenets of personal finance are simple enough to grasp: earn money, save money, track spending and invest wisely, but things can also get really complicated. That’s because “personal finance” encompasses literally hundreds of interrelated topics, each requiring significant study to even discuss intelligently. The topic of Tax itself is so complex that practitioners have to specialize in subsections of the tax code.

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How to move long distance and the true cost of moving

How To Move Long Distance & The True Cost of Moving

You have a lot of options to get your stuff from one place to another and from what we found, there is no perfect option. Doing everything yourself is a monumental task but having someone else handle things can become expensive quickly. In the end, we opted for a hybrid moving model, wherein we handled some tasks ourselves and hired out others. A lot of what you will decide will depend on how fast you want to move and what you are personally willing or capable of accomplishing alone.

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What Your Real Estate Team Should Be Doing for You When You’re Buying or Selling a House

The best real estate teams are comprised of an experienced buyer’s agent, an organized lender or mortgage broker and you, the motivated buyer. This power-triad sets the table for the quickest and easiest real estate acquisitions. In a seller’s market, if your real estate agent can’t get ahold of the lender, you will lose properties to faster buyers. In fact, a well coordinated buyer/lender team will be in daily contact until you get an offer accepted. They know that a concerted effort for a short amount of time is more profitable than a lackadaisical approach that could stall the buying process for months.

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How To Calculate The Value of Your Job

How To Calculate the True Value of Your Job (and Why You Always Should)

Most people don’t make well-informed decisions; they mean to, but they don’t. In general, people are much more likely to make decisions based on speculation, their feelings or a hunch, than to base decisions on hard data. Even well-meaning people who set out to be informed, can get bogged down by the sheer preponderance of information (and misinformation) they have to wade through.

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