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Investing for your retirement is as complex as you make it. The process of buying, holding and re-balancing your portfolio may seem like a daunting prospect for many. For others, however, tracking and fine tuning a retirement portfolio is a necessity and having a robust and flexible investment tracking spreadsheet can help even the most unsophisticated investor make sound financial decisions.

In my search for tools to fine tune my retirement portfolio I couldn’t find anything that reflects all of the relevant information that I want in one place. Though brokerage websites provide the raw data, it isn’t really available in a easy to review format, making cross-referencing a nightmare.

So I decided to create a series of investment tracking spreadsheets and provide them here for free!

With this Investment tracking spreadsheet you will be able to:

  • Automatically track daily stock, ETF or Mutual Fund  current/previous prices.
  • See the automatically adjusting average cost per share of your funds.
  • Track total gains/losses with and without respect to dividend reinvestment, employer matching, fees, capital gains etc.
  • Track remaining retirement fund contributions.
  • Review your current asset allocation against your ideal allocation for easy rebalancing.
  • Test how current purchases alter your average cost per share and remaining contributions.
  • See how diversified your investments are.

Here’s what the free investment tracking spreadsheet looks like 

Instructions are included with the spreadsheet but in short, the tan colored sections are the areas that you have to input manually. All other sections will automatically update once they are set up!

Start customizing by replacing the sample fund names with funds you want to track. You will need to change the function (FX) to match your fund ticker names. Next, update your investment values, total shares and your ideal asset allocation.

The basic asset allocation section provided in this spreadsheet will show you how your funds are balanced but it doesn’t tell you how you money is spread around within your funds. That’s where the diversification tab comes in. With the diversification tool you will be able to see exactly how your portfolio is split and make key decisions about the direction of your investments.

The Share Purchase Tester

Free Investing Spreadsheet

You can use the Share Purchase Testing section to see how purchases at today’s prices alter your cost per share. This section also helps track your remaining contributions to retirement accounts.

In order to edit this spreadsheet you will need to make a copy in Google Drive (or use the excel link I provide to email subscribers)This spreadsheet should be flexible enough to adapt to your needs with some a little ingenuity .

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  1. I’ve been working on a large spreadsheet to track all my financial data including shares, expenses and net worth. It’s been quite a long project but I’m almost there. Do you have anything similar?

    1. This Investment Spreadsheet has another page (see Asset Allocation page). I did a separate article explaining the Free AA tool and networth functions. Together, these two sheets provide a lot of the information you mentioned! I am hoping to put together a whole workbook of useful spreadsheet tools.

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