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Poor, Cheap or Minimalist?

If you’re cheap, you have  money but won’t spend it until you’re forced to. When you’re poor you simply can’t afford spending beyond your necessary living expenses. But as a Minimalist you have money but don’t spend it unless the expense is practical, essential, or if it reflects positively on your minimalist identity. So are destitute and cheap people considered minimalists? After […]

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In Bad Company: How to Win a Protest

The following is a Guest Post by Strangers to Creation author and retired healthcare investigator, Kevin Nelson, who recently undertook (and won) an old-school protest… with signs and everything. The details of his story are so intriguing, so fascinating, so raw that I had no choice but to publish his exposé as the first guest post on Valuist.

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The True Cost of Buying a home

The True Cost of Buying a Home

At some point in the life of all long-term renters the question of home ownership inevitably arises. But the true cost of buying a home is somewhat difficult to calculate. Even so, your friends and family love to lecture you about how much money you’re throwing away by not owning a property. Family: “Your rent […]

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